what's up weekly: newborn life edition.

This week was my first with all five kids by myself during the days.  Last week, when Todd first went back to work, my mom took the big four down to her house and Rocco and I had a (relatively) quiet week at home together.  It was so great to get the time to bond, and rest, and just be with Rocco for a while.  But I did miss the big kids like crazy, and I was so glad to have them come home.  That being said, this week has been much busier than last week was.  Rocco has had to adjust to the louder, crazier pace of life.  And it's a rough life he does live, being loved on 60% of the time, and sleeping the rest of the time.

We survived it, and got school done and everything!  Rocco is an awesome baby, and we're halfway through those infamous first six weeks, so I consider that a win.

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