the rest of our hospital stay.

Lauren meeting Rocco for the first time.

Austin meeting Rocco for the first time.

Even though Rocco was born at 10:30 at night, we were up until around 3:30 when all was said and done.  I was literally falling asleep sitting up.

We all found the Michael Jackson-esque rubber glove that was water-proofing my IV port, and my old lady walker, stylish and not at all ridiculous.

Baby's First De-clawing: because the last thing you need when breastfeeding a newborn is to involve ten tiny daggers commandeered with motor skills equal to those of an inebriated kitten.  Adorable, but irresponsible.

Rocky looks ready to fight.  Puddum up, puddum up.

So much squishy baby to smooch!

My whole tribe!  This photo is very surreal to see.  I mean, I regularly know I have five kids, but it's so weird in those specific moments to think about the fact that all these little people were created IN MY BODY.  So bizarre.

My mom meeting Rocco for the first time.

Todd's mom meeting Rocco for the first time.

Todd's dad meeting Rocco for the first time.

One of the best parts of the hospital stay: Food On Demand.  Also, uninterrupted cuddle time with the baby.  But also, Food On Demand.

Proud daddy!

Ready to head home.

Also ready to head home.  (Me, not the nurse.  I mean, maybe she was, but I can't guarantee it.)

Annnnnd, home!  (After a stop at Caribou for some coffee, because this ain't our first rodeo.)

Happy homecoming to us!


todd said...

that picture of you with the kiddos is fantastic. you are quite the matriarch (or should i say "grand multipara"? as in, "what a grand multipara she be, eh?")

Our life in pictures said...

I too love the pic of your "tribe". It's amazing! And those pictures also help you realize a blessing...even when it doesn't seem like one :)