yet another instance in which i compare myself to kim kardashian.

a little over a week ago, we headed to my mom's for the day to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins, who were visiting from california.  the 2.5-hour car ride was the first time laurelai had left the house in nearly two weeks because she's been potty training.  partway through the drive, she started crying and acting really uncomfortable, so we pulled off a dead exit and pulled out the potty seat. 

a state trooper saw us and thought we were in need of help, so he stopped to check on us and suddenly a simple potty break had a police escort.

once we got to my mom's, the kids ate lunch and then hopped right in the pool.  atticus was especially enthusiastic in his hopping.

my sister's boyfriend is a photographer, and he brought this beast to the cookout.  a police escort and paparazzi in the same day?  i felt like an especially curvy kim kardashian, although i'm currently shaped less like an hourglass and more like a chicken-in-a-biscuit cracker.

here's how the van voorst-chorpening-kofoed-page-scott clan likes to party.  (it's hearty, for those who are unclear.  we like to party hearty.)

penelope ended the afternoon by helping my mom make whipped cream for the strawberry pie.

and, since it was just a day-trip, we headed home after that. it was such a fun day!

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todd said...

a different twist on sunday/funday for realsies.

and by the by, i LORBS chicken-in-a-biscuit, so win/win.