'what's up' weekly.

here's what was up this week:

laur discovered funny faces.  it was glorious.

she got the rest of the fam in on it, and then reveled in her success.

penelope decided to try out some of her favorite pinterest makeup ideas.

we went to the state fair, which i will tell you more about next week, but i thought you should have this image burned into your brains over the weekend.

we all were in a photo together!  in front of a tractor!

finneas took five minutes to battle his current archnemesis, Booger Nose.

and i am now 31 weeks along.  the countdown has reached the single digits, people.  i'm not ready for this.  my basement is still a mess, for one thing, and for another thing, i'm not mentally prepared for any of it.  i'm still enjoying being in denial about the realities of labor and the newborn stage.  see that smile on my face?  that's the smile of someone who has been enjoying adequate amounts of sleep for the last year of her life and is pretending that will continue to be the case for a long, long time to come.  poor, ignorant soul.

and that was our week!

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todd said...

ignorance is rest.