all's fair in love and...fair.

we spent yesterday at the state fair.  we headed out the door as soon as breakfast was over, drove down to des moines to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend, and spent the rest of the day at the fairgrounds, eating truly ridiculous fair food (what the heck is up with those turkey legs?! i always feel like a flintstone when i eat one) and spending sickening amounts of money on strawberry smoothies.  (or maybe i just felt sick from the giant turkey leg.)

anyway, we got home late last night, and are spending the day recovering from our crazy feasting and weird sleep schedule (the little kids didn't get afternoon naps, and obviously fell asleep much later than normal), so there's not really much more i'm able to report in my exhausted state.  we'll be attempting to still have school, which i realize is an effort in futility, but i am not about to allow myself to fail at prioritizing school this early in the year.  i'm saving that for christmas time when i'm too busy to do school, so i'll be well-practiced in 'failure to prioritize well' come january when i'm too depressed to care about anything, and again in april when i feel like being outside instead of being responsible.  losing motivation to keep to our school schedule in late august is pathetic - everyone has motivation for school right now, even drug dealers.  i'm certain of it.  so i'm going to power through today.  my kids will be thrilled and will definitely not cry.  i'm certain of that, too.

so anyway, i'm here to write a full-length blog post about why i will not be blogging today.  mission accomplished.

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todd said...

especially drug dealers