hu hot? we hot.

yesterday was our eighth anniversary!  it was super fun - todd got off work early, we got a babysitter for the whole evening, and we went out for dinner and a movie.  i even did my hair!  big stuff.

the first event of the evening was going to pick up our movie tickets in advance.  the theater is doing a special thing this month where they're showing retro football movies, which i weirdly really like (i could care less about football itself, but i love sports movies for some reason).  this week, they were showing 'Rudy.'  they offer special team discounts, so we wanted to go early to make sure that we could actually get tickets.

then we headed to the jewelry store to get my wedding ring re-dipped and cleaned.  i haven't been able to wear it consistently for the last few months, since something about it has really irritated the skin on my hand.  not sure if it's exposed alloy, or the fact that there is a large channel on the inside that can get soap and dirt stuck in it, but it was at a point where i couldn't even wear it for a full day without getting a massive scaly, itchy rash (yum!) on the back of my hand that would take over a week to heal.  so hopefully having it re-coated in white gold and having that inner channel cleaned out will allow me to start wearing it again.

while we waited for the jewelry store to finish with it, we headed to hu hot.  man, i love that place, i'm not going to lie.  plus, they're incredibly accommodating of food sensitivities/allergies.  they had gf soy sauce on hand, their sauces and some of their noodles are gluten free, and they cleaned their cooking surface specially for me and kept a barrier between my food and others' while it was cooking.  it was really great.  it seems like a small deal, but going out to eat is often difficult for us because of my dietary restrictions, so it just meant a lot to me that everyone there was friendly and accommodating about it without making an overly huge deal and making me feel like a prima donna.  A+, hu hot.

once we finished our dinner, we picked up my ring and headed over to the movie theater.  it's a good thing we bought our tickets in advance, since we ended up being the only people in the theater.  turns out, showings of a 1993 movie on a monday night are not really the most heavily trafficked.  it was really fun - i took off my shoes, todd and i got to talk and joke through the movie, and once, when i got restless legs from sitting too long in skinny jeans, i got to stand up and stretch.  in the middle of the theater, in the middle of the movie.  that's some high-style living.

again, going to a rando movie for our anniversary might not seem like a huge deal to some people, but i can tell you that the last time i was in a movie theater was 2011, so it was a big deal to me.  i felt like a grown up, and sometimes that's all it takes for me to give an experience two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

when we got home, the kids had been fed dinner and put in bed already, so we were free to just relax after i drove the babysitter home.  in all, it was a great night.  so glad i've gotten to spend a third of my life with this guy!