the black hills: day eight.

on our last day in south dakota, we laid low at the house for the most part in an attempt to recharge for the long trip home, and to give me a chance to do laundry, pack, etc.

laur spent time enjoying the view.  you guys, that is todd's parents' back yard.  the fence is there to keep the horse contained.  yeah, for real.  i know.

then laur hitched a ride with her brother on the gator.

she was thrilled when it was finneas' turn to ride in the front and hers to ride in the back.

also?  finneas started crying about something, too.  because in a large family, someone is always crying about something.  it's the law.

he eventually calmed down and the brothers v.v. rode around together for a bit.  cruising the loop.  you know.

lolo eventually made her way to the front yard, where she was enamored with the 'beebee! right dare!  beebee! daddy, beebee!'

later, after laurelai and i went inside, the bigger kids took full advantage of their papa tony's willingness to drive them around on pretty much every vehicle he owns.  they tried out the four-wheeler, the bobcat, the spider and the motorcycle.  they were not disappointed.

the kids got a new bug catcher from grandma jacqi, which penelope loved.  she is my nature-y kid, the one that always manages to find the tiniest, most unusual insects, or the most intricate leaves.  the bug catcher was right up her alley; she even decorated the inside and left a note for the bugs, which read: 'i love you bugs.  get in.'  which then kind of made the whole activity feel a bit sinister - it was like she was a predator and the bug catcher was her metaphorical windowless van with an ice cream cone painted on the side.

also?  penelope took a photo of todd.  he was pretty okay with it.

once the kids ate lunch, and after the little two went down for naps, todd changed into a shirt with its original sleeves intact.  then he and i ducked out for a bit to try a local burger place that serves some of the nation's best burgers, according to whatever experts decide that kind of thing.  and i must say, we were not disappointed.   (plus, they had really, really tasty gluten-free buns!) oh my word, y'all, if the photo of my in-laws' back yard didn't make you want to visit the black hills like rightthisverysecond, this burger place ought to light a fire under your butt.  GO THERE.  EAT AT THIS PLACE.  NAME YOUR FIRSTBORN AFTER ME.  you're that welcome.

when we got home, todd spent some time playing in the hot tub with the kids.

finneas, especially, just loved it.

laurelai, especially, did not.

and after that long, fun day, the kids curled up next to the fireplace in front of the TV.  and that, in my opinion, is a pretty appropriate ending to a pretty epic day.

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more like "the black thrills"