'what's up' weekly.

this was a super weird week.  first of all, the biggest two were down at my parents' house for the whole week, which made some things easier (namely, dishes and laundry) and other things much harder, which i wasn't expecting.  i realized i rely on the bigs a lot to help entertain, care for and occupy the little two, as well as depend on their genuine help around the house. (oh, the glory of having children over the age of five! it's a whole new ball game.)  finneas kept asking when they would be back - we all really missed them.

when asked what face they will make when the big kids come home tomorrow, the little kids responded thusly:

my face will probably be similar in my own excitement to see them, however, i will say that getting to focus double-attention on these adorable faces this week wasn't the worst thing in the world.

i also spent the week still battling, and ultimately grieving the loss of, our water heater.  we were without truly hot water (anything above room temperature) for eight days.  i boiled big pots of water to dump into the washing machine for hot water loads, and for the kids' baths and sinks of dishes.  for my own showers, i utilized a regimen of avoidance, military speed when necessary, and crying a lot.  when we finally got the new one installed yesterday, i took an unreasonably long, unreasonably hot (read: molten lava) bath and i don't regret a second of it.

on tuesday, the littles and i drove to cedar rapids to visit a friend.  i've been feeling really overwhelmed lately at the thought of going from having four kids to having five.  it just feels...different, somehow.  it's a different kind of family.  not to mention, we've 'sized out' of most local families we know - in our church of ~700, there is one family with five kids.  no families with more than five.  we're basically renegades.  and that gets lonely and scary pretty darn quick.  so a jaunt to karlee's to visit her and her five-going-on-six kids was super fun and refreshing.  although laurelai peed on her carpet, so i'm not sure karlee would say the same about our time there.

wednesday, we had a friend come to our house with her two boys, the elder of whom is nearly exactly finneas' age.  it was so fun to see how well they played, and it gave finneas a chance to make a friend without having to compete for attention with the bigger kids.  he had a blast.

yesterday, i had an OB appointment.  everything seems to be going well, other than the fact that i'm clearly developing the dreaded affliction, Pregnant Arm.

also on this week's agenda?  snuggles.  lots of snuggles.  best. week. ever.


todd said...

it was a really fun week getting more face time (and snuggle time) with the littles. i am very excited to have the bigs back as well though. my face will look like this :) i was the prototype for the colon end parenthesis smile.

the jersk. said...

third born finger suckers unite!