the black hills: day seven.

yeah, yeah, yeah.  i'm still posting vacation pictures over a month out from the actual vacation.  we had a blast, our kids are cute, i don't see the problem here.

on our seventh day in the black hills, we visited mt. rushmore and  jewel cave (kind of).

first stop: mt. rushmore.  we've been there every time we've gone to visit todd's parents, so it was a bit 'old news' for us, and we didn't go through the museum-y part with the video and stuff.  but atticus had been talking since last summer about going back to the mt. rushmore gift shop so he could get some polished rocks he'd seen on our last visit, but had been foolish enough to pass up in favor of a toy semi.  plus, you know i love to take any opportunity i can to ogle abraham lincoln.  also, as i tried to make this trip a bit 'educational' to assuage my conscience regarding last year's homeschooling debacle, and mt. rushmore is one of the few south dakota claims-to-fame for which interesting children's books are available, we needed to go.  there was no down-side.  so we went.

everyone looks like they're aware they're in a win-win situation.

after mt. rushmore (or, as i like to call it, The Rush, because of both its name and the fact that it's such a thrill ride), we ate at the widely-acclaimed Purple Pie Place for lunch.  i ordered a caesar salad with chicken, because i was pretending that i wasn't about to take a brick of their famous fudge home with me and eat it in a single serving.  i think the waitress was duly fooled.  

is anyone else out there DYING to grafitti an "ED" on the end of 'old fashion,' or am i the only member of the 'uptight wordage-police vandalism brigade?'

laur and finn drove us home and promptly conked out for nap.  driving in crazy tourist traffic exhausted them.

during the little kids' naptime, todd and i thought it would be fun to take the big kids on a tour of nearby Jewel Cave, a huge cave system with all kinds of mineral deposits on the walls and ceilings that glitter and shine and theoretically make me want to hug a cave.  however, when we got there, all the cave tours were booked for the rest of the day, so we hiked a trail around the area.  it was no cave-of-glitter, but it was pretty in a glitterless-trees-and-some-other-unshiny-nature-stuff kind of way.  i guess.

and that was our black hills thursday!


The Crislers said...

In order to stop the tic under my eye every time I see improper spelling and grammar, I've developed certain coping mechanisms. In this case all you need to do is picture the founder of the ice cream establishment as a Russian immigrant. "You eat the ice cream. Is cold, is delicious, is old-fashion." Boom.

paige said...

oh, that does work! problem solved! now, what to do about the fact that 'bobkat' has an unnecessary c-to-k swap-out situation happening, o sage one?

todd said...

kat is russian for cat as it kitten. they think we cray for not saying citten.