come snoop around our school!

today i thought i'd give you a little tour of our school area.  i know i did this last year, but i've been seeing a lot of pinterest crap floating around about 'dream homeschool rooms' and the like, and frankly, i'm getting fed up.  the amount of space it appears homeschool requires, to accommodate all the stuff it appears homeschool requires, is a bit misleading.  it does not have to be as involved - or as expensive - as pinterest feels the need to make it seem.  so, as an antidote to the craziness out there, here is the extent of our simple homeschool space.

we school at the dining room table, next to these shelves:

on the top shelf, the only thing that is not there for purely aesthetic purposes is the jar of clothespins, which i use for adding jobs to the kids clothespin chore charts.  (the schefflera plant is barely there for aesthetic purposes, as it is hanging on for dear life and pretty consumptive-looking.  it has spent the summer outside in an effort to give it the prairie cure, and will head back out there again as soon as i finish blogging.)

the second shelf houses pencils, my morning devotional stuff (bible, commentary, notebook), and the books and notebooks we're using for these next six weeks.  i have a bookshelf upstairs where i keep last year's books, as well as books i ordered for later in the year - we only keep on hand down here what we're using now.

that third shelf there is full of a bunch of randos - art supply box with my planner and homeschool binder on top, a basket full of labels and stickers and a stapler, a basket full of our math manipulatives, and the kids' in-progress embroidery projects.

the bottom shelf is home to a basket with extra supplies*, our handicrafts supply bucket, my ever-loving sharpies, the kids' bibles.

*extra index cards, post its, memory work box, flash cards, grown up watercolors, a photo album of this year's works of art for art study, a pencil sharpener.

then, on the other side of the table, i have this cabinet.  the top, again, is purely decorative. (although that basket inside is filled with half-burned candles and an inordinate number of grill lighters, so that's kind of functional, right?)

the left drawer holds all my grown-up school supplies:  fun-colored gel pens and felt-tipped pens, post its and note pads, index cards, sticker charts, my cleaning card box, blank note cards, and the roll of tape that i hide from the kids.  (they have free reign of about 20 rolls elsewhere, but they thoroughly indulge their tape habit, so i never know if there's actually any tape on any of the rolls.  i needed one to call my own.)

the other drawer holds crayons, and five seasons of friends, and that's all.  i like to call it the party drawer.

underneath, i have a milk crate for filing worksheets (i had our math and handwriting workbooks unbound at staples this year, so i could just pull out the few sheets i needed every day), extra supplies like notebooks and construction paper, and flash cards.  then i have a box of paint because i like to pretend we'll use them someday.  (that 'noodles' can on top is home to my glue gun, for no reason that i can justify.)  then on the bottom shelf is The World's Worst Printer, Which I Hate; the kids' give/save/spend jars; and our various papers.

and that is it.  a book shelf and half a cabinet.  and that's all we need!  easy, not-ugly, not huge, manageably  expensive.  this little minion agrees that that, friends, is a winning combination.

now, off to actually use this stuff.

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todd said...

nobody throws an office supplies/homeschool party like paige van v