what's up (every) weekly.

i feel like, lately, all i ever say is stuff like, 'nothing to report.  it's been a pretty typical week.'  and guess what?  this week is really no different.  so i figured i could at least tell you what a typical week entails for us.

mondays, i get the kids up around 9:00, like i do most days, at which point finneas always says, 'good morning! where is my daddy?' like he does most days.  9:00-10:30 is a mad dash of making breakfast, serving breakfast, cleaning up breakfast, changing diapers, taking finneas potty, making the big kids pick up their stuff and get dressed, and (on unusually good days) brushing everyone's teeth and dressing the little kids.  then from 11-12:30, we do some homeschool stuff while laurelai naps - folk songs and hymns, reading, math, handwriting.  then another mad dash begins at lunchtime.  then, in the afternoon while the little kids nap again, the big kids and i cuddle on the couch for about 45 minutes and do our read-aloud stories, bible reading, character discussion, and memory work.  then the big kids head to the basement, their room, or outside to play while i do something entirely self-interested for an hour and a half, like read a book or watch netflix.  then it's time to get dinner, serve dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, clean up the house, etc etc etc, and monday is over.

tuesdays look almost identical to mondays, except that we have connection group in the evening, so i have to make sure to have found time to shower and put on makeup in there, and make dinner for our babysitters, and be out the door on time.

wednesdays are kind of a wild card.  todd is usually home in the morning, so sometimes i go grocery shopping after breakfast.  sometimes i go to the gym.  it's supposed to be cleaning day, but often that gets shuffled around.  the kids all get baths.  in the afternoon, i make the big kids nap, since they're usually up late for connection group reasons on tuesday nights.  we don't do school on wednesdays.

thursdays are also a bit of a wild card, since todd is usually home these mornings as well.  yesterday we took the kids to the library, but oh my word, i HATE doing that for various reasons, so it's by far a less-often-than-weekly occurrence.  (i usually put a bunch of stuff on hold so that i don't have to search the shelves myself for what i want. i dart in to check out my stuff, let the kids play with the trains for like .02, and book it out of there before someone starts to have a meltdown.  also, i usually check out enough stuff to last us nine weeks or so, since that's the maximum amount of time one can check out and renew library books, so i space our trips waaaay out.)  in the afternoon, the big kids do art activities while the littles are napping.

fridays are repeats of mondays and tuesdays.

it's a decent rhythm we have going, although not without its frustrations, and there are usually at least two days a week that plans get totally changed, which i really hate but que sera sera, no?  this week's quirks included taking laurelai's pacifier away for good (she kept figuring out how to detach it from herself and then losing it, causing endless fits), so we had quite a few sleepless nights.

anyway, there's a look at our weeks!