the van voorsts battle the crud.

well, i got cocky.  i was all, 'we've made it all the way to january without getting sick!'  and then, bammo.  we were struck by the great equalizer: the dastardly Upper Respiratory Virus.

so far, atticus and penelope have been hit the hardest, though finneas' immune system seems to be waffling about whether to stand and fight or crumble under the pressure.  it's really a day-to-day drama.  who needs tv when finneas has own immunological soap opera going on?  will it stand strong?  will it not?  WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!

i feel bad even saying it, since the big kids have been hit so hard, but it really hasn't been all that bad, caretakingly speaking.  there is no barf, which is always a major determinant of how difficult an illness will be for me to deal with, and the kids are basically just really sleepy, really cuddly, really sweaty lumps that hang out on the couch on their respective sick days (the fever seems to be on-again, off-again, and they've basically alternated days on the couch).

a lot of families at church seem to have been struck with something similar, and say it tends to last up to two weeks, so i may be scarce around these parts for a bit.  it really just depends on if barf ends up rearing its ugly head, which would be a total game changer for yours truly, or if the laptop's waking hours are primarily allocated to kids' shows on netflix.  we shall see.

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todd said...

good to see the bigs up and at 'em today!