what's up bi-weekly.

ahhh, christmas.  christmas is a given.  but other stuff happened over the last couple of weeks as well.

todd took atticus on a daddy date to pizza ranch, and then to the farm and fleet store to look at toy construction vehicles.

we stayed up late a couple of nights for movie nights with the big kids, and watched despicable me for the first time.  i know, i know.

the kids got personalized breastplates, made by the loving hands of todd himself.

my sister and her boyfriend, austin, stayed the weekend with us, and austin kindly offered to take some family photos for us.  it was so great- the last official family photo shoot we had was done when finneas was under a year.  i think that, prior to this weekend, we had a total of three photos that contained all six of us.  i'm basically going all rabies-foam just thinking about seeing the finished product.

laurelai got to wear her first official ponytail, and also moved on up in the world, out of the high chair and up to the table.  it is so funny - she's already holding hands to pray and saying 'amen' at the end.  she takes her table-sitting responsibilities very seriously.  and adorably. 

and in whole30 news (hey, i didn't say i wouldn't talk about it at all; i'll keep it brief and contained to friday posts only): todd has gracefully bowed out of the endeavor.  the kids and i are still going strong, and it really hasn't been too bad.  for breakfasts, we've mainly been doing bacon, nuts, fruits and veggies.  for lunches, we've been having this new hamburger soup from ree drummond, with some sweet potatoes thrown in - it's actually really delicious, although you wouldn't know it from talking to my obstinately soup-hating children.  for dinner, we've really enjoyed these go-to lemon chicken breasts from ina garten (white wine replaced with chicken broth) and these new crackling chicken thighs from nom nom paleo.  we even ate the chicken thighs after todd decided to decline all the whole30 restrictions, and he really really liked them, so i know they're not just 'good for whole30.'  

and... here's what i thought my counter would look like this month:

and here's what it actually looks like most of the time:

i'm making kombucha, perpetual chicken broth, homemade mayo, and all kinds of other hands-on, mess-intense concoctions.  not the most pleasant, but not as bad as i expected.  i tried to do most of the prep for the week on monday, so i didn't have to do much else throughout the rest of the week, and i think that has helped me keep my sanity.

except for when i look inside my disaster of a fridge.  then i kind of want to scream.

that opened-before-this-all-began bottle of moscato mocks me from the fridge door.

anyway.  there is our two weeks, and an intimate look into my utter failure to keep my whole30 antics to myself.  forgive me, and also have a great weekend!


todd said...

i'm so excited to see our family pictures. fun stuff.

Katie Kenig said...

That headband picture is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Also what is she sitting on? A booster seat? She stays in it and doesn't flail herself around like a crazy?

paige said...

yep, she's in a booster, and yes, she flails. not as much as would be expected; probably because she feels so grown up and privileged to sit with the bigger kids that she doesn't want to blow it. the self-control that comes with being fourth-born is downright supernatural.