weekly 'what's up.'

here's what went down this week:

.. we went to a wedding in des moines, and actually made it on time!  not being late to just one out of the last four is a terrible record, but i guess the silver lining is that we seem to be on the upswing?

.. we went to trader joe's, which is always the very very best, but i was wearing four-inch heeled boots at the time and also dying of hunger, which kind of put a damper on things and also made the whole ordeal more expensive.  (because of the hunger, not the heels.  i'm pretty sure the heels didn't have anything to do with the cost.)

.. i got my ankle dry-needled, which is a thing.  i sprained my ankle (twice, actually) over the summer, and it is still giving me serious issues.  (probably not at all helped by the above mentioned boots.)  there's a girl in our connection group who is a physical therapist, and she was willing to help me out.  it was super crazy - it's kind of like acupuncture, but instead of being based on energy points, it's based on nerve locations (or so i think... i'm actually not really sure).  so there i was at church with all these crazy needles sticking out of my foot, and all of a sudden my whole foot got really hot and tingly, and it has felt a ton better for much of this week.  voodoo.

.. atticus spent all of yesterday totally flattened by some upper respiratory virus.  no fun.  but he's been a trooper and has spent his time sleeping or reading books quietly, like the magic miracle child that he is.

.. in whole30 news, we're still going.  it really hasn't been nearly as bad as i had anticipated, for me at least.  i've had a couple of grouchy days, and a couple of really crave-y days, but nothing unbearable.  the kids have been powering through, though i think they were really feeling it there for a while.  lots of meltdowns and fighting, and they've been heavier sleepers than normal.  but they're on the upswing, and finneas especially seems to be feeling really good.  and i've been proud of them:  they once turned down ice cream on the basis that 'it has sugar, and we're not eating sugar right now,' and atticus was so confused when he saw todd eating frozen pizza because 'there are grains in that.'  we've had a lot of good discussions about food groups, and the effects of food on our bodies and our feelings.

as for meals, breakfasts still consist of rando fruits, veggies, nuts, nut butters, bacon, etc.  (also? these prosciutto-wrapped fritatta muffins, which are pretty good but a bit too coconutty for my taste.)

lunches have consisted of this lime chicken soup, which makes a double batch and is not good.

dinners have included a sausage/onion/red pepper skillet meal i threw together, this scampi recipe using ghee instead of butter and served over broccoli and mushrooms, this paleo chicken curry stir fry, and burgers.  somewhat less exciting than last week's meals, but not horrible.

aaaaaaaand... that was our week. huzzah!

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todd said...

i love the weekly what's going down