turns out we're good-looking people.

or, actually, austin is a really good photographer.

i mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my sister's boyfriend took some family photos for us right after christmas.  (wow, it seems like a lifetime ago that it was reasonable to expect the kids to sit outside without coats on.  at least, without having DHS sicced on us, and rightfully so.)  also?  i love the photos.  i want to marry the photos.  i want to hug them and dress them in warm scarves and cute mittens.  because i'm a weirdo, but also, because they're so good and i'm so grateful.

like, he totally captured the kids' personalities.


and he got some great ones of each kiddo individually:

and some good ones of me and todd together (we have very few photos of the two of us since myspace selfies stopped being a thing.)

and - gasp, shock, amazement! - some of all six of us!

and some of our relatively normal, day-to-day lives:

austin let atticus try his hand at shooting a photo, and this is what he took.  not too bad for his first try!

oh man, i'm just so happy with these i could smooch my screen and then order entirely too many prints and then have to wallpaper my house in them.  but it really wouldn't be so bad, would it?  a house wallpapered in these faces?  nope, it wouldn't, i agree.


Jessica said...

You all look great! :)

Katie Kenig said...

These pictures are FABULOUS!! I love them so much to! You are all BEAUTIFUL! Especially you :D

Emily said...

Great pictures!

But the one with Todd throwing Laurelai in the air! Reminds me of the picture that shows how the dad sees it, how the kid sees it and how the mom sees it. Not my kid, but as an overprotective mother, I'm having myself a little heart attack about that picture. :)

paige said...

emily, i know, right?! but it helps to remind myself that todd's just as concerned with her safety as i am, and that i'd probably have a blast if someone launched me in the air like that. it's why kids have dads, i guess, because if it were only up to us moms, they'd have fewer close calls, but also less fun. :)

todd said...

these were so much fun to take. i'm really glad we were able to get a snapshot of life at this stage.

Heather said...

beautiful photos, beautiful family.