coming to you in 2D!

for a christmas gift to todd, i asked a friend of ours to do a fun drawing of our family.  isn't it so great?!  i love how even the kids' glasses are exactly right.

the only difficulty i'm having is finding a good spot for it.  we don't have a ton of wall space in our house, and what we do have is mostly all taken with ginormo pieces of art, etc.  there's one larger empty space to the left of the piano, but as per usual, i feel the need to fill it with something larger-scale than this.  (it's hard to tell in the picture, but the drawing is 8x10 in an 11x16 frame).  i'm finding in this tiny house that bigger art makes the house itself feel bigger, which seems counter-intuitive, but also seems to work out okay in the end.  additionally, i submit with conviction that some larger art tends to make a house look more pulled together than lots of smaller art.  worth the investment in my book, but that is clearly a really substantial tangent.

anyway, i'd put this sweet drawing in our bedroom, but our bedroom is a whole sack of sad-looking, and would then only be a sad sack with a single pretty picture on the wall.  (one of these days we're going to live somewhere long enough for me to finally get around to decorating our bedroom, as it is invariably the last space i ever get to.  or, so i assume, since i've never actually lived anywhere that long to have gotten that far.)  plus, as is my reasoning for never decorating our bedroom with anything in the first place:  no one but us will ever see it, and that's a bummer.

oh, the dilemma.  where should i hang it, guys?!


lauren said...

I think it'd be fun in the entry way. Like a summary of what's behind the door.

todd said...

seems like the best way to get things done is to put our house on the market (at least that worked last time)