what's been up? (weekly.)

as i've mentioned, and as you may have seen on my instagram or facebook, we've had a nasty bug bouncing around this past week.  three of the kids each had a 24-hour stint with a really high fever, followed on subsequent days with lots of tiredness, meltdowns, and massive naps, as well as deep coughs and congestion.  it has not been pleasant for them.  we're past the one-week mark, and they're still trying to kick this thing for good.  so it's been a low-key week.  other than having some friends stay with us last weekend, we haven't really seen anyone, as we had to miss church as well.  yesterday seemed to be better, with most kids feeling on the up-and-up, and with warm enough weather for the older two to play outside for a while.  whew.  this virus ain't no joke.

penelope's been hit the hardest, with multiple non-consecutive days on the couch.  it just keeps coming back to bite her.

lucky for us, this one held out for quite a while before being defeated by the crud, and at least attempted to charm the kids back to relative health with her cutie patootie face.

here's to hoping for a healthy upcoming week!

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todd said...

i'm really glad neither you nor me has gotten bit by the bug.

jinxes aren't real, so it's cool that i say that.