what's up weekly: 'all we did was one thing' edition.

i have a feeling these friday posts are going to get a bunch boringer now that we're homeschooling.  yes, there's more going on, but i'm also trying to, you know, fill my kids with All The Knowledge.  which leaves little time for picture taking.

however, homeschooling does mean that i've been more intentional about taking the kids for nature walks lately (educational!), and since todd has fridays off now, we all get to do school as a family on that day.

so here is what last week's walk entailed:

smiley lady loves fridays.

i found a really awesome snail shell and was in the process of showing the kids...

...when finneas grabbed it and threw it into a veritable thicket of poison ivy.  so we had to look at a seed pod instead.  stupid poison ivy.  stupid seed pod.

so, okay, the seed pod wasn't entirely stupid.

of course finneas found a stick shaped exactly like a toddler-sized sword, hilt and all.

i love little toddler undies!  best part of potty training!  (that, and the not having to change or pay for diapers.)

then we had a picnic lunch.

and headed home.  todd wore the kids out... we had to finagle a three-seater stroller after a point.

and that was that!

how was your week?