i'm pretty much an expert at all this by now.

well, i made it.  i survived the apocalyptic first day of homeschool and potty training.  there were moments that i didn't think i'd live to greet you this morning.  but here i am, alive and well and ready to face day two of Operation: The Van Voorsts Take Manhattan, which is what i've dubbed this whole undertaking.

yesterday started out pretty rough, despite the fact that i had purposefully left it simple.  the day's priorities were as follows:

1. clean the house.
2. potty train finneas.
3. daily school stuff with the kids (bible time, worship, prayer, dance party).
4. art time.
5. dust off the hands, dust off the shoulders, pat self on the back.

by the time we even attempted to get to priority #3, everything was covered in urine and finn was screaming his head off.  so i called it quits for a few hours and made the big kids go play outside.  we didn't even try school time again until 2 p.m., when the little kids were in bed.  

i had sworn to myself that i would not end up sacrificing naptime in order to homeschool, as naptime is my lifeline.  i've still made atticus and penelope lay down in the afternoon at the same time as the little kids, though atticus rarely sleeps and penelope is hit-or-miss.  i'm the one who needs a period of slowness and quiet.  eating without sharing.  peeing without company.  sitting without pants.  you know.

but here it was, day one of Homie School, and that plan was already out the window.  it did end up being okay, though - school went much more smoothly with just the big two to contend with, and since it only took about an hour and a half, i still sent them to their room to play for the rest of naptime and got a bit of a break.  win-win!  (or really, win-acceptablecompromise.)  we'll see how things settle in over the long haul.

on another positive note, finneas seems to be catching on to the potty training thing.  we had quite a few accidents, but also quite a few successes, and though i stuffed that kid with as much liquid volume as he could hold, he still stayed dry on a trip to fareway and peed in the potty once we got home.  and as i was laying him down for bed, he requested to use the potty and peed once i got him there!  major success.

the kids had a movie party while finn was chair-bound.  even laur got in on the fun.

and the biggest 'win' of all today was that my living room rug did not get peed on.  as that rug's well being is nearly as important to me as my own, having body fluids spraying every which way around it is one of my more major sources of anxiety.  but it remained high and dry (and white), and if that's not a success on a day like today, i don't know what is.


todd said...

i did not pee anywhere other than designated today either! add another "win" for Team VV.

Heather said...

Can you homie school me on getting my potty-trained toddler to go #2 on the toilet?

paige said...

the best i've figured out is that you catch them pooping in the corner with the turd only halfway out and then sit them on the potty to finish and call it a success.

Heather said...

thank you, expert homie! i'm gonna put him in the corner until he half-poops right after his nap. wish me luck. ;)

todd said...

this is an awesome/disgusting conversations

mlscheppler said...

Did you make this curriculum schedule? Or are you using a specific one? It looks awesome!

paige said...

my curriculum schedule is a little bit of both - there's a ready-made charlotte mason-style curriculum available at, but the specific schedule in the picture is just an excel doc that i put together to help me keep it all organized!