south caylahna: day three.

i'm pretty sure most of our south carolina photos are going to look the same.  because the main theme of the week was 'let's spend as much time by the water as humanly possible.'  exhibits A - Q:

the kids got to go on actual (and very slow) rides on the jet skis.

laur wasn't sure what she thought about that.

the kids fed the fish.

after dinner we went for a boat ride.

laurelai's life jacket was a bit...unyielding.

how uncomfortable does she look as i'm trying to comfort her?

and then the kids, my parents, and my grandma fed the fish some more.  at this point, every time they went down there for that purpose, the fish were already standing there, tapping their fins and glancing at their watches and rolling their eyes, being all, 'blub blub,' which means, 'it's about time.'  southern fish are very demanding like that.  feed them once and you've got privileged fish snobs on your hands from there on out.

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todd said...

next thing ya know they'll demand to be swimming in sweet tea.