on the road again. also, at old threshers again.

well, you know that we went on vacation, so you must also know what that means: POSTINGALLTHEPHOTOS!  get ready to read (and read and read) all about the second van voorst roadtrip, twenty-fourteen.

we started out the evening of the 28th by driving down to my mom's.  i figured laurelai might want to sit in an actual car seat at this point, since she was just a day shy of turning one, and i'd still been ferrying her around in the infant carrier.  (she is only fourteen pounds - have i mentioned that?  carrying her in that baby seat is like carrying a two liter bottle in a baby seat.  so i had not previously been all that motivated to have todd switch out the seats.)  i was, apparently, wrong.  this was her first (and continuing) reaction:

the next morning, we celebrated laurelai's birthday by going to OLD THRESHERS.  y'all know how i feel about old threshers.  i mean, seriously, where else are you going to witness a fourteen year old kid having a joy-seizure over the prospect of a sarsaparilla?  nowhere, that's where.  where else does the elk burger guy use weird sexual innuendos and also free stickers to try to guilt you into eating an elk burger?  NOWHERE, THAT'S WHERE. 

we witnessed a train robbery.  finneas somehow got his little mitts on some of the robbers' loot.  also?  he got on the ins with the robbers, but seemed like he just wanted to get into their circle so he could make them feel bad about their immoral decision using only his eyes.

then the shrrrrriff found finneas' prints all over the dirty cash, and somehow atticus got implicated in the whole thing, too, so they both wound up in jailz.

then, for whatever reason, we decided to return to the scene of the crime, and we all rode the train. 

then we all (blurrily) rode the trolley.

then we visited the log village.

then we rode a different trolley.  i hope you are starting to glean the point of old threshers.

that was pretty much our first day of our second vacation in a nutshell.  and it was how we celebrated an old-timey birthday with our young-timey lady.  stick around:  tomorrow i'll show you a kid with a goatee made of prunes.  YOU'RE GONNA PLOTZ.

(check out past trips to old threshers here and here.  you know you want to; all the cool kids are doing it.)


YAYA said...

The b&w photo of everyone on the trolley is very reminiscent of one taken 2 years ago, plus 1.

todd said...

good catch ya ya