if there's one thing i trust a southerner with...'s knowing good mayonnaise.

(if there are two things i trust a southerner with, they are mayonnaise and knowing how to wear short shorts like a boss.)

i found a humongoid endcap of this stuff at the walmart in south carolina.  and as i am a diehard fan of mayonnaise, i figured i had to buy some.  it's some kind of southern thing, apparently, and it's mayonnaise, and that just seems like a partnership for WINNING.

the verdict?  excellent.  two very enthusiastic thumbs up.  fine holiday fun.

go duke, it's your birthday, we're gonna make tuna salad like it's your birthday...


todd said...

so the nuclear power company also makes mayonnaise?

The Crislers said...

Clueless quotes are my love language.