laurelai's first birthday!

because we were on vacation for laurelai's birthday, we thought it would be fun to celebrate down in south carolina so that my grandma and my mom's sister's family could all join us.  my cousin kailee made a smash cake for laurelai, and cupcakes for the rest of the party-goers, and penelope got to help put sprinkles on the cupcakes.  girlfriend was in HEAVEN.  (penelope had fun, too.)

as with all first birthdays before which the child has not had massive amounts of sugar, laurelai was wary of the cake and ice cream at first.

she came around with time.

the unfortunate side effect of all that yumminess was the requisite bath that followed.  if there's one thing you know about laurelai, it's that she is comically tiny.  if there are two things you know about laurelai, they are that she is comically small, and that she hates being in water of any kind.  so she looked to her her best bathtime buddy, The Ice Cream Spoon, to comfort her for a bit.

but in the end, The Ice Cream Spoon was only mortal.

sad ending to her fun first birthday.

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todd said...

tiny little water hating laur