south caylahna: day 1

our first full day down in south carolina can be summed up with these two words: da boat.  why?  because when the view looks like this...

and this...

and this...

how could we resist?

but let's back up a little.  the day began with a face fulla prunes and some sammy-prep.  because what's a boat ride without a bunch o' sammies?

doing her best blackbeard impression, in anticipation of being out on the open seas.

then the kids got into their life jackets, which were thoroughly tested for safety before we set sail.

then we pushed off, seeking our fortune upon that vast and tempestuous deep.  (the manmade lake owned by the power company behind my grandma's house.  obviously.)

atticus gained his sealegs right quick.  just like his sea-lubbin mama.

and laurelai started swashbuckling.  as we figured she would.

and because you had to know this was coming...

 i really wanted to add a sword - or a chicken drumstick - to her upraised fist, but i gave up.  the drumstick hit a little too close to home, as i am currently famished.  i just couldn't bring myself to do it.

and other than about a trillion photos todd took of me with a really weird expression on my face - eyes closed, smirky smile, look like i'm dreaming about bacon - that was our day!

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todd said...

arrrrrrrrr you kidding me?

laur the scourge of the manmade lake!