weekly 'what's up,' super red-white-and-blue patriot 'mrrrrca USA stars and bars FREEDOM! edition.

only three noteworthy things happened this week.

runner-up news: i wore a blue-and-white striped skirt and painted my nails bright red yesterday, and only later realized that i had unwittingly worn my only red-white-and-blue outfit... a day early.  so sweatpants and a necklace made of chicken tenders is on the wardrobe agenda for today, since that's the next most american thing i could wear.

1. on saturday, we drove to a wedding in chicago, and thanks to unanticipated road conditions, arrived 25 minutes late.  in his words, todd was 'illinois'd.'  i guess that's our thing now: missing wedding ceremonies we had fully intended on making it to.  we at least took the opportunity that we had while in chicago to go to ikea, where we bought some long-needed bookshelves and also a weird little wooden man whose arms and legs are positionable.  because, you know, ikea.

2.  the crazy storms blew this bird nest out of our tree.  bummer, but we've been getting to gaze at it all week, so i guess it's not so bad.

3.  my poor buddy is sick.  he even barfed into my cupped-but-still-inadequate hands in the walmart, which was excellent.  so i'll post a few photos of him, partly to commemorate him in his healthful glory, but mostly because i can't pass up an opportunity to look at his smoochable self, and he is currently in bed, so photos will have to do.

if 'one sword' is manly, what is 'two swords sheathed in tighty whiteys whilst wearing a patriotic tshirt?'  your head just exploded, didn't it?

oh how i love this tiny mister.  i can't even express.

happy fourth of july, all y'all!  and happy b-day to this grand ol' place we like to call the U.S.ofA.  it was hard won and i love it.  even with all its pimples and weird moles, i wouldn't pick anywhere else.  SMOOCHES TO YOU TODAY, AMERICA!

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todd said...

back to back world war champs!