going for a walk. and then another one, when the first one didn't pan out.

there are lots of nice trails and things around here, so we've spent some time this summer exploring some of them.

there's a nature reserve close by, and we trekked out there on memorial day.  it was fun for a while...

...and then we got to this part, and with a double stroller in tow, it was time to call it quits.

not to mention the bugs were so thick i think they replaced part of the oxygen in the air, and i had not thought to bring bug spray.  parenting fail.  so we decided to try out some of the walking/bike paths through town instead.  our favorite part was this spot that goes over the river.

the kids had tons of fun watching a couple of duck families with their ducklings.

and then penelope inexplicably started having less fun.

when we got home, i had each of the big kids draw a picture of something they saw on our walk.  penelope drew a family of swimming ducks.  atticus drew a bunch of bugs.

i'm looking forward to going on more walks around here, especially as the seasons change, and getting the kids sketch books to keep all their 'walk' drawings in one place.

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todd said...

I have really enjoyed these walks. Let’s make it a point to get out for more these!