a feast in the House of Laur!

laurelai has staked her claim on a 5' x 8' piece of ground.  she has been busy preparing her palace for year-round habitation, but as her kingdom lies within a land that is figuratively and literally flowing with milk and honey, very little modification to the location has been required and she's settling in quite nicely.  

ladies and gentlemen, i would like to announce that laurelai is now the reigning queen of the Rug Under the Dining Room Table, and has named it Laureland.  all who inhabit the Table Above the Rug Under the Dining Room Table must pay their taxes (read: spill crumbly bits from dinner) to appease her.  but as the folks from the highlands are a very generous and untidy bunch, this has not been a problem in the slightest.

standing sentry at the entrance to her kingdom.

waiting for the hunt to begin.

and we're off!

queen laurelai has now secured what is rightfully hers and will make it her sole mission to prevent being mouth-swiped.  in such uncertain times as these, there is always a mother around the corner, waiting to stage a coup.  it's as if the boundaries and laws of Laureland are not respected among the heathen.

but for now, all is well and tasty in the Land of Laur.

long live queen laurelai!  wishing you a long life and a neverending supply of two-day-old shredded pork.

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todd said...

two-day old and shredded pork ought never to find themselves bedfellows.