laurelai is ten months old!

holy cow, girlfriend is getting big.  i mean, not literally getting big, but getting more mature, i suppose i could say.  she is keeping up with the big kids more and more, and she now has two teeth, is sitting and crawling and pulling up to standing, and is eating more and more table food.  unfortunately, she's also eating a bunch of floor food.  i swear she said 'mama' once, but todd says i'm making it up.  i say todd can eat my shorts and that she really did say 'mama.'

i don't think she loved having her ten-month photos taken.

yeah, no, i'm quite confident she didn't.

see?  more mature.  she's learning to drive.

perfect merging form.  hands at a precise ten-and-two.

learning about selfies for the first time.

she's such a good baby.  during swim lessons, she spent most mornings sitting contentedly in her car seat, chewing on apple slices for close to an hour.  she sleeps around 12-13 hours a night, is pretty accommodating if and when she has to miss her morning nap (though i prefer she doesn't miss it), and usually takes a 4-5 hour nap in the afternoon. (i know!)


she's still a peanut, weighing in at 13.5 lbs and still rocking mostly 0-3 month clothing, with some 3-6 month stuff making its way into the rotation slowly but surely.  man, i'm getting sick of looking at the same clothes over. and over. and over.  part of the fun of having baby girls is getting to treat them like dolls.  not that i don't treat her like a doll (obviously! how could i not?  have you seen her?!), but the dress-up thing loses its novelty pretty quickly when it's the same onesie repeating itself all the time.  luckily, she poops out of her diaper pretty much errrday, so i get to change her clothes plenty, so it's not like i have to look at the same onesie all day. 

having a blast and eating some chicken.

showing the lowly green onion some love.

i'm not sure why, but she LOVES hanging upside down.

i don't know what this face is, but i do know it's hilarious.

good gravy, i love this lady and her crinkly-nose smile and her dainty fingers and the funny way she chews on her pacifier sideways.  and todd and i are not the only ones who are head-over-heels - the kiddos are constantly loving on her and bringing her pretty much anything they could ever anticipate she might want.  now all she needs is one of those chairs on poles for us to carry her around on, and one lucky volunteer to fan her with a palm frond.  (DIBS! you're too late.  your loss.)

we all love you so much, laur!


todd said...

It’s true. Our tiny lady is a hit!

Heather said...

This makes me so nostalgic... Our Lizzie was 16 lb. at one year, and we had that same high chair, and I can still see her eating butter pats all bright and smiley and "mature" yet tiny in that ginormous thing.