weekly 'what's up.'

as was the case last week, very little of specific note happened this week.  how does it happen that the weeks fly by, but then it's hard to remember what you even did?

so, i'll just share some of my favorite pictures of the kids from this week:

what little girl's life is complete without an 'ed grimly in the bathtub' shot?

i LOVE this photo of the brothers.

finn has been wearing a hat all week and pretending to be a lion.  i'm not sure what one has to do with the other, but they are definitely somehow related in finneas' mind.

laurelai was having a blast getting raspberried.

he desperately wanted to help me feed laurelai.  he's such a good big brother.

this is my right-hand man.  she's ALWAYS asking and looking for ways to help me out.  here she is, voluntarily dusting.

finneas loved his cupcake, but it was a bit unwieldy for him, so instead of lifting it to his face, he brought his face down to meet it.  life is all about compromise.

laurelai is learning 'so big.'  i love how intense she looks about it in the lower right photo.

in the most important news of the week, todd got to preach at church on sunday, which was really fun for him.  if you want to check it out, he posted the video on his blog.

and as a quick organizational note, i thought i'd let you know that i've decided to take next week off the blog to spend a little time hanging out with the fam.  don't worry, i'll miss you, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?  love you to bits!  see you in a week, playazzzz.


todd said...

how many comments can we get?

it's up to you lookey loos.

support the minivan voorsts by dropping a comment below yo.

(i bet you can rally together to pull off at least 10 comments)

Amanda Cushman said...

Loved all the photos! Thank you for sharing. :)I will miss your posts next week as I always look forward to them but I can appreciate the family time. Enjoy!

YAYA said...

Oh, great Grimley!

todd said...


Katy said...

Is that my shirt I gave you forever ago? Love!

paige said...

it definitely is! too funny!