fourth of july.

we went down to my mom's for the fourth of july.  we busted out the kiddie pool, and let laurelai have her first swim.  it was hard to tell exactly what she thought of it, she was acting a little ambiguous about the whole thing, but i like to think she got a kick out of it.

in addition to busting out the kiddie pool, i busted out my massive biceps.

it was also finn's first swim, and he really seemed to like it, after we told him he wasn't allowed to get out of the pool regardless of how much he cried about it.  once he was out of options, he chose to make lemonade and whatnot and really seemed to enjoy himself.  it was also obvious that he had been watching the big kids at swimming lessons, since he kept putting his face under the water.  oh, the things that you have to threaten/bribe/manipulate/pray for one kid to do that another kid will do for zero hassle.

look at the tan line on his face from his glasses.  i die from the cuteness.

penelope, as always, loved the pool, and even practiced some synchronized swimming... by herself.

finneas pulled his wagon around for a bit, and laurelai just made her doll faces, both events of which deserve photos on here due to cuteness and not inherently due to fourth of july relatedness.

well, now, that's a cute baby.

once it started to get darker out, we busted out the sparklers.  the kids were more on board with the whole thing this year than they were last year, when atticus just kept saying, 'i don't want to do this anymore.  i'm done.  i don't want to do this anymore.'

he looks like he's doing 'magic missile.'

we let the big kids stay up to watch fireworks for the first time, and they loved them!  life is good.

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todd said...

the voorst of july rocked