day one of our road trip to the black hills.

nearly two weeks ago, we left to go visit todd's parents in the black hills.  to say i was a bit nervous about the 'road trip' part of our road trip is an understatement; the last time we made the drive, we only had two kids, and 16-month-old penelope SCREAMED. HER. HEAD. OFF. pretty much the entire time we were in the car.  all of our kids have hated their car seats, and none have been car-sleepers, both facts that can be mighty frightening when you're staring down the barrel of an 11-hour drive.

all that to say, though, the kids were rockstars.  finneas even napped both ways.  laurelai didn't sleep much, and cried some, but really, she's only 25% of our kids, so even if she had cried nonstop, that would still mean 75% of the drive was fantastic... or something like that.  (and she didn't actually cry nonstop.)

getting ready to hit the road.

first stop: random truck stop.  and guys, i just have to brag about those pencil-cases-turned-snack-boxes.  i had a stroke of genius.  you can close them but don't have to keep track of the lid, and they're a perfect size for a sandwich and some grapes,  and they nestle easily when not in use.  GENIUS.  

they look so tiny out in the big, big world.  i mean, truck stop parking lot.

our longest stop of the day was at falls park in sioux falls.  it was a wonderful break from driving, and the scenery was so pretty.  it was a perfect day for it, too.

finneas, looking saucy.

one of very few photos we have of all kids at least attempting a semblance of a smile. 

we tried to take a photo where everyone was smiling and looking at the camera.  this is the closest we got. 

and this is the furthest away we got.

the next leg of our journey was a long one.  we had just eaten lunch, and it was naptime, so we put a movie on and hoped for the best.

missed her naps and dropped her apple and can't even see the movie screen!!!! LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!

finally asleep!  at, like, 6:30 p.m.

i had read good reviews on trip advisor about this place.  it was only okay.

after dinner, we made our way through the badlands at sunset, and YOU GUYS:

uh, yeah.  that was my real life for an hour.

we pulled into todd's parents' driveway around 10:30 and threw the kids into bed quickly and stayed up way too late watching HGTV because TODD'S PARENTS HAVE TV!!!!!!!!!  talk about vacation.

and that was day one!  i'll tell you more about our actual visit next week.


todd said...

cray cray vaca day one. woot woot!

YAYA said...

I LOVE THE photo of Atticus and Penelope looking at the falls. She is confident in him as her protector.

todd said...


i hadn't picked up on the nuance of that photo until you pointed that out.

very cool indeed!!!