laurelai at five months.

on the 29th, this little lady turned five months old!

what she's up to:

* she's wanting to stretch her feeding times out.  as much as i try to feed her more often in order to beef her up, she's dead set in her ways.

* she's pushing up on her arms and loves tummy time.  she kicks her little legs like a regular michael phelps, or that other swimmer that was also famous.  i want to say ryan?

* she grabs things and brings them to her mouth, and has gotten adept at finding her pacifier and, well, pacifying.

* she goes to bed for the night around 8:30 or 9:00, and wakes up for the day between 7:30 and 8:30.  she eats once or twice in between.

* she loves her brothers and sister, and gets the giggles when she watches them playing.

* she poops out of her diaper pretty much errrday.

* she's the reigning midwest bumbo champ.  she'd sit in that thing all day if she could stay awake that long.

*i'm not sure how much she weighs at this point, but she's due for a weight check soon.

*she's still in newborn/0-3 month clothing.

* while she's the special pet of her brother finneas, we're all absolutely smitten with her.


ermmm, she's not always thrilled with the attention.

less mauling attention, happier baby.


love you, laur!


todd said...

we love our little lady.

the jersk. said...

AH SO CUTE! she's looking very lauren-y which i think is interesting. i am coming to visit soon! i have to smoosh that beautiful face and hear her giggles for reals!