'what's up' weekly: concert edition.

the biggest news this week is that we went down to des moines last night for a concert.  for christmas, i got todd and my sister tickets to see rend collective experiment, and i would like to think that the band knew it was lauren's birthday and scheduled thusly.  for our benefit.

the big kids went down to my mom's, but laurelai came with us.

we started the trip off on a good foot: frozen coke! from story city!  it was nice to be back in town, even if just for a quick stop, though we didn't drive past the old house.  probably for the best: i've heard the new owners are big fans of yard inflatables.  cruel, cruel twist of fate.

we met lauren at work and got a tour of the offices.  she works as a stylist at life:beautiful and they had racks and racks and racks of pretty anthro dishes and vintage linens, and their studio kitchen had marble counters... i had a hard time swallowing all the saliva being generated.  but i powered through.

we went out to dinner at this little grocery/cafe and i got an organic, microbrewed cream soda with my meal.  yes.  i'm uppity.

then, on to the concert!  we borrowed these funny little sound-muffling headphones from a (much cooler) friend who takes her kids to concerts often enough that they own two pairs of these.  laurelai should have charged her own $10-per-person admission just to ogle her cutie patootie face in these headphones; she would have banked up some sweet tuition money.

also, she crapped out of her diaper while we were there.  without a change of clothes for her.  so there was that.

laurelai totally conked out in the middle of the concert, during the loudest and craziest song. she was a total champ.

and, since this was clearly the theme of the week, i'll leave you with this rend collective music video.  have a good weekend!


paige said...

laurelai rocks!

todd said...

that last comment was not from paige, but from me (todd!)
i didn't realize that i the computer as still logged in to her account.