again, what's up?

last week after the concert, we drove down to my mom's to meet up with the biggest kids and spend a few days hanging out with the fam.

my mom inherited a clock.  finneas was enthralled.

we got back saturday evening, and our friend andy drove up from ames to spend saturday night and sunday with us.  the haps?  games.

like this here game of 'pile the pillows on andy' (who is 6'4", by the way, so this game is more challenging than it may sound).

or this here game of 'raptor face.'

or this here single-player game of 'pretty pretty princess.'

or this here game of dominion.  which i am horrible at, but actually had a decent amount of fun playing anyway.  (and also pictured, 'digestive roulette,' in which i eat popcorn and cross my fingers.)

and just for kicks, my two littlest loves, sitting in their matching green seats and generally just being besties.  (this is finn's 'cheese!' face.  this is laurelai's 'i'm only pretty sure everything is going okay...' face.)

the end.  how was your week?

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todd said...

my week was pretty much the same i guess