crafter schmafter, ever after.

you may or may not know this about me already, but i figured i'd come clean today.  authenticity and all that.  ready?

i don't like to craft.

and get this:

i don't even really do a whole lot of craftivities with the kids: i let them color (and with markers, no less!) and they have some scissors and glue sticks they got for christmas that i (infrequently) allow them to use.  they've finger painted a couple of times.  but that's basically the extent of it.  we don't even own construction paper.

and in this age of crafty blogs and pinterest, it almost feels like an issue of morality that i don't particularly enjoy making stuff myself, and i don't let my kids have their own craft table.  (does the very idea of a table full of full-time-kid-access glue and glitter and paint give anyone else a heart attack?)  so i spend some of my time feeling, not really guilty but rather, afraid that someone will find out about this.

and actually, i don't even have a point.  just to say that i don't love crafting, i guess, and that sometimes i want to tell pinterest to stick it where the sun don't shine.  martha stewart, too, while we're tossing around 'stick it!' rants. 

and you know what, martha stewart and pinterest? I DON'T LIKE TO COOK, EITHER. 

who's with me? (i don't really even know exactly what we're rallying around.  i just know that i don't like to be alone in these things, and that there has to be an excuse for a party in here somewhere.  an obviously really ugly party with bad food, but a party.  so...WHO'S WITH ME?!)

no, seriously, though.  who else isn't crafty and any tips on how you sleep at night?


todd said...

Luckily guys don’t catch the business end of the craftiness stick. No one expects me to do anything crafty, so if I don’t, I’m good and if I do, I’m awesome!

Emily said...

I do like crafting, but I don't like cooking. At least at the end of crafting there may be a mess, but also an accomplished project, but with cooking, there's a mess and nothing to show for your work...well, except fat.

Jessica said...

Well, I do like crafting and cooking (not usually on the same day) - but I don't like cleaning. or really organizing. You seem to be much better in that department than I - so we all have our strengths...and disliked 'chores.'

the jersk. said...

i like parts of crafting and parts of cooking but like not enough to make either a lifestyle. i have better things to do. like netflix. or sleep. both of those are awesome and there's zero mess to clean up. i can get behind that.

Heather said...

I'd like to be crafty (the Martha Stewart way, not the Draco Malfoy way) but I'm just not. I have a friend who makes adorable decor out of thrift store finds for literally pennies, and it makes me so jealous.

When my oldest two were little, I did weekly organized crafts. Then we added to our family - and added again - and my girls' personalities began to blossom and I just realized that a better option for them was just having a drawer or bin full of random stuff and letting them use their imaginations. I've never spent much money on art "supplies" but I keep toilet paper rolls, scrap paper, extra buttons, and even those tiny little baggies that secure those extra buttons. My girls are very crafty (think Pinterest not Slytherin) despite or my lame offerings and lack of good craft genes.

I do love cooking. It's cathartic and sometimes I just pray pray pray for 5:30 to come so I can pass off the crew to Dad and escape to the kitchen by myself and take out my aggressions with a santoku knife to a red bell pepper.

Anonymous said...

I like to cook but not for my kids. Does that sound bad? I guess I like other adults who care about taste to be there to actually enjoy it and not pick it apart because there is salt or onion or spices in it.

But I loathe crafting. I rarely let my kids play with markers. And after a hair cutting incident, scissors have only been used a few times.

And in all honesty, I would rather buy or be gifted things people have crafted because I like the idea just not the execution:-)