faves by paige.

hey all! i figured i'd start this week off on a bright note, and share some of my favorite stuff/crap/junk with you.  in no particular order, these things are near and dear to my heart at the moment.  (thirteen of them, just to show you i scorn superstition and the dark arts.)

1. need i even say it?  harry potter.  i'm seriously turning into a twelve-year-old boy with a mustache, or dwight schrute, considering the extent to which i love these books.

2. nut thins.  because, hey.  that tuna salad isn't going to get itself into my mouth all by its lonesome.

3. errrrrangs.  these from world market are really similar to my current go-tos.

4. salad.

5. these deep-dish, thunder-thighs-in-a-pan brownies.

6. beef jerky, because we all need a little redneck.

7. (i'm starting to notice many of these items are food-related, so...) rhett and link.  and (bonus round!) miranda sings.  and (double jeopardy bonus round!) hashtags with jimmy fallon.

8. rend collective experiment and mumford and sons.  (also, i heard dave matthews on the speakers at walmart the other day, and i have a feeling that once spring rolls around, both he and counting crows are going to make the faves list.  don't hate, haters.  and kristy.)

9. E.L.F. studio makeup brushes.  these are just the bee's knees.  and cheaper than ramen, per serving!

10.  the book of philippians, which is where i've been focusing my bible time lately.  really taking hope in verse 1:6, and praying verses 1:9-11.

11. HGTV magazine.  cuz, y'all.  vern yip.

12.  the wallpaper i'm eyeballin' for my entryway.  (UMMMM. just went to link to it and it says sold out?!?!?! i'm dying inside.  this has become the opposite of a favorite thing.  google 'urban outfitters peony wallpaper' if you want to mourn with me.)

13.  and, as always, swamp people, which i don't watch because we don't have tv, but the memory of which i still hold close to my heart.

thoughts?  any of these you hate and, regarding which, are brave enough to question my judgment, thereby risking a punch to the throat?


todd said...

You forgot about Aldi chocolate.

the jersk. said...

oh gosh, i know that wallpaper. i am def. mourning with you.

Becca said...

I haven't checked out the wallpaper yet, but Urban Outfitters and wallpaper (or rugs) in the same sentence HAS to be good!

The Crislers said...

Ahaha, no hating here! And not just because you topped your list with HP.

I read this post three hours ago and have been torturing myself trying to figure out who Vern Yip is. I knew I recognized the name, but refused to google it, but it finally, finally came to me. MY FAVORITE DESIGNER ON TRADING SPACES. Wasn't that the name of that show? With... hang on, wasn't the host's name Paige? I loved him!

paige said...

@kristy, yes he was on trading spaces! and yes, the host's name was paige. and YES, she married a guy whose last name was Page. so her name is, technically but i don't think legally, Paige Page. YOU KNOW I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING I JUST TYPED.