video vednesday: [epic music]

sometimes we like to sit around with the kids, watching random videos on youtube.  some of our favorite things to watch with them are crazy dominos courses, and videos from the slow mo guys.  so today, i figured i'd invite you along on our youtube watching.

(they don't profess to be believers, and they don't set out to make videos for kids, so you kind of have to watch for language [though they bleep out any actual swear words], or the obvious inappropriate novelty tee.  just a heads-up.)


todd said...

I should start a slo-mo jo-bro channel where I do Jonas brother karaoke in slow motion.

Emily said...

You should check out Smarter Every Day on YouTube. The guy does lots of cool slow mo stuff and explains the science in a really clear way. The one where he throws a balloon at his friend's face is pretty good. And he's a Christian, so no worries about bad language.

Emily said...

Oh! I just went to Smarter Every Day because I hadn't checked it out in a while and Destin, the host did a slow mo video of Flula beat boxing. I think this is a Van Voorst must see.

todd said...


Flula slo-mo beat boxing.