reality bytes.

i would like to address the fact that this blog has been getting more serious on occasion as of late.  i can tell you point blank that it's because jesus is changing my life, he's changing my heart, and he's changing my mind in one crucial area: authenticity.

it's scary sometimes, yall.  there are mornings that i wake up, knowing a more honest blog post has gone up, and i actually feel physically sick.  what will people think when they know the truth about me?  is it really enough for me to rest in the fact that jesus sees me as righteous, if the whole world sees me as dirty and weak and grasping?  and even if i can rest in that, can i lead out in being authentic?  can i do it first or alone, if and when everyone else seems like they have it all together?  can i lead out in being honest about my failures and fears and insecurities? 

so, in consciously-mustered bravery, i'm trying to say yes.

because it's important, you guys.  it's so important that we understand that the Church and christian community is here for the purpose of bearing each other's burdens and encouraging each other and challenging each other and building each other up.  and how can we do that if we're so busy putting on our 'HappyChristianLaLaLa' face?  how can we do that if we're all like, 'I'M FINE NO REALLY IT'S ALL GOOD I'M FINE!'  how can we love each other if i'm too busy loving my pride and my self-sufficiency and my sense of control and my strength and my unwillingness to allow other people bear my burdens?  and how can we love each other if you're too busy loving those things for yourself, too?

and i get that authenticity is not easy.  sometimes it means having to face hard truths about yourself, or your kids, or your marriage, or the way you view god.  it means having your dirty laundry willingly spread on your front lawn for the neighbors to see.  it means being humble.  at the core of it, it means trusting god that you are loved even when you admit the worst about yourself to other people.

so, i guess this is my way of telling you that i'm going to strive to be more and more purposeful in this.  it might mean that there are heavier blog posts occasionally.  i hope that's okay with you.  and what's more, i want you to respond to those things with a heart that is emboldened to be a little more real in your sphere of influence yourself.  to tell someone what's up with you, even if it means being vulnerable.  because that's the only way we can allow others to show us the love of christ.  that's how we live out being the Church.

"god loves human beings.  god loves the world.  not an ideal human, but human beings as they are; not an ideal world, but the real world...god wills that we be human, real human beings. while we distinguish between pious and godless, good and evil, noble and base, god loves real people without distinction... god stands beside the real human being and the real world against all their accusers."  -bonhoeffer

you got this.  :)


lauren said...

this. is. so. good. so stinkin good.

todd said...

Lauren said it best.!