prepping for the new house

if you haven't been reading long, you may not know that i LOVE A DEAL.  as in, chick-flick kind of love...i get all swooney and moon-eyed and i write paige + awesome deal = love all over my notebooks.

so get this.

our house comes with all our kitchen appliances, but does not have a washer and a dryer.  so i figured i'd find something on craigslist for like $200 or $300 for a set, pocket the $500 in savings, and walk away feeling awesome about my life.

then one morning at bible study, the group leader was all, does anyone need a washer and dryer set? some lady is giving hers away for free.

so i was all over that like t-mike on a gator.  (which is REALLY all over it, in case you don't watch swamp people.)  and i figured, even if they're energy-sucking avocado monsters, whatevs.  they're FREE, and beggars can't be choosers.

then we get to the lady's house to pick them up...???! they're like-new white maytags.  she just wants front-loaders; there's nothing wrong with the set she gave us, and the dryer even has a new thermostat in it.  um...whut. 

and not only that, but she also threw in three free lamps.  not sure why.  maybe because shiny new brass isn't her thing, and i can't blame her, but with the cost of a little spray paint i will have some pretty awesome lamps.  oh, and also, some pretty sweet APPLIANCES.

did you get that they were FREE?!?!  they were FREE. 

and basically brand-new.

also, they were free.

i LOVE my life. 


Danielle said...

I love your life too. I live vicariously through your house-buying, child-bearing, husband-having life frequently.

Just so you know...

tori said...

Ho much did they cost?

tori said...

Ho, Ho. I meant to do that. HOW much did they cost?