spring cleaning

last year, i revealed that i like to play it fast and loose with the term 'spring,' and do my spring cleaning in january.  january just has this 'fresh start' feel to it that spring doesn't.  not that spring doesn't feel fresh, i guess...  i don't know what i'm saying, other than that, when the weather gets warm, i'd rather just open a window and read a book than scrub the crud from behind my fridge.

but then, i'd always rather read a book than scrub crud.  (mostly.  i guess it depends on what book and what crud.)

in january, what the heck else do you have to do?  besides, it's a good diversion from the guilt of already ditching your resolutions.  at least you're doing something productive, even if it's not dropping 20 pounds in three days or fish-hooking a man.  makes you feel better about yourself.

plus, when you open up the windows in january, you get a taste of what it's like to be a polar bear.  and while exhilarating, you are able to admit to yourself that opening a window is good enough for you; you don't have to prove anything to anybody.  you're your own woman.

so excuse me when i say that i find all these women's magazines gearing up their readers for deep-cleaning their homes, i have to give a condescending scoff.  done and done, woman's day.

...except that i skipped it this year.  whoops.  condescending scoff rescinded.

but at least i'm honest enough to say that i don't even intend on doing my spring cleaning this spring.  ha.

today as i was playing on the floor with the kids, i happened to catch a glimpse of the deep, crumb-y doom that is the floor under the fridge.  and instead of responding in a typical 'type-A, paige van voorst' manner, i said screw it.  (under my breath, of course; i was in the company of children.)  we're moving out soon anyway; i'll take care of it then.

so while i didn't spring clean this past january, i am still throwing my inflexible personality to the wind and embracing the ages-old sludge under my appliances.  i am woman. hear me roar.

although, maybe i should put a little effort in, considering penelope has learned that there's a veritable buffet to be found in the deep recesses of the kitchen...


YAYA said...

I am proud of you! Not just in the fact that you have temporarily abandoned your type-A personality, but more importantly in the fact that you have chosen a 1972 Helen Reddy hit as your anthem.

My work here is done, ms. paige.

lauren said...

good for you! also, enlist me to help you clean once you move! I have a deep knowledge of apartment cleaning.