penelope: part tizzle

player's stats:

height: 29 inches (50th percentile)

weight: 17 lb 7 oz (6th percentile - GROWING!!!!)

sis as a newbie:

one month:
(can you tell we got our new camera this month?)

at one month we saw a lot of this...

...and this.

two months:

sibling rivalry.

three months:

four months:

five months:

six months:

seven months:

atticus looks maniacal - like he'll go all jack bauer on her if she takes his presents.

eight months:

nine months:

after getting blood drawn like a big girl.

tackling brother.

this makes me laugh - she looks like she's swimming.

ten months:

eleven months:

happy birthday to my little girl...who is not so little anymore.  (she's SO BIG!)


The Crislers said...

Oh my goodness- are those teeny tiny leg warmers in the ten month photos? She is just so cute.

apotratz said...

I love all the pics, so cute...I bet that took a long time! Josiah and Penelope are almost exactly 6 months apart!

Saved by grace said...

SOOO stinkin' cute! That pouty face is to die for!