video vednesday: make 'em go oh oh oh.

...i never thought katy perry could possibly be any better.  until.

meet keenan cahill, your new favorite person alive.

in atypical video vednesday form, i wasn't able to embed this but i thought it was worth putting on here anyway.  to get a full-flavor taste of this goodness (rather than this tasty teaser), go here.  you won't regret it.  still doubt? wait until the :55 mark or so. 

you're welcome.


apotratz said...

That was hilarious! I love the shoulder moves...and I am trying to guess how old this kiddo is????

paige said...

he's 16; i guess he has some kind of disorder. i was shocked to find that out. (the part about him being 16, not about him having a disorder.)

lauren said...

I heard this song today. I got the chills.