guess who just turned one? my teeny-tiny, too-little-to-be-one peanut.

she has a doctor's appointment yet this morning, so i don't know her one-year stats just yet, but i'll post later.

in the meantime, here's some info on our little girl:

she still takes four ten-ounce bottles a day, and eats lunch and dinner like a big kid (whatever we eat is fair game for her.)  she is also taking two naps a day, 9:30-11 and 1-3:30.  she goes to bed around 7:30 pm and sleeps until 7:30 am.  she sleeps like a LOG - probably from having to share a room with atticus and all his nocturnal noises.  she has 7 teeth - four on top and three on bottom.  her hair is starting to grow in and lighten up.  she is cruising around furniture and crawling like a whirlwind, but isn't walking on her own yet.  she is a skinny-minny; she's still in 6-month tshirts and pants if they're long enough for her, and nine-month onesies.

..doing whatever atticus is doing, and taking whatever he has at the time in order to do it.

..saying 'mama,' 'dada' and 'no, no, no.'

..eating and eating and eating and eating. 

..carrots, crackers, meats.

..throwing stuff in the toilet.

..looking at books.

..creating chaos in the bathtub.

..pulling the curtain off the window at bedtime (instead of sleeping).


..her carseat.

..having her diaper changed.

..when atticus takes her toys or yells at her (which is becoming more and more frequent lately).

..not being fed rightnow whenever she thinks there's food around.


...that's about it.  she's really easy going and flexible; there's not much she doesn't like.

and today will be a two-fer: stay tuned later for her stats and photos!

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