prepping for the new house

while stuff hasn't changed a whole lot around here, there are certain small indicators that we will, in less than three weeks, be closing on our house.  i am going to start documenting some of these little things.

exhibit A: seed starts.

we close on may 2, and although we still aren't sure when exactly we will be physically moving in, the yard will be a free-for-all from day one.  since i will get to plant my very own, very first garden this year, i'm getting all jittery and hovering over my seed starts.  this light setup is a permanent fixture in our kitchen right now, since i'm starting all my veggies from seed.  while some seeds i'll just stick directly in the garden and pray for divine intervention, these little puppies needed some extra tlc before the growing season.  enter: mama van voorst.

also, enter kiddos van voorst. 

whenever i need help ripping innocent baby plants out by the roots or eating dirt, i call on these fellas and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

actually, it hasn't been too bad even though this setup is kind of in the middle of our daily stuff.  penelope just likes standing against the metal chairs and banging loudly.  atticus has his own little sunflowers growing, which keeps him distracted from my plants.  he loves watching them grow, moving them to the window in the afternoon, and watering them.

as for me, i'm growing two varieties of jalapenos (six plants), some bell peppers (six plants), three varieties of tomatoes (nine plants), and a bunch of onions...the whole seed like 300 or so.  yeah, i didn't really think about that when i poured them all out at once.  good thing we like onions around here.

i made the seed pots from newspaper and masking tape, molded around a black pepper can.  makeshift, but free and biodegradable, so when i go to transplant them i won't even have to take them out of the pot.  just stick the whole thing in the ground.  awesome.

the best part about the whole process has been atticus' interest in the 'baby plants' and his gentleness with them. i'm excited to let him help pick stuff when it all starts producing!


whenjeskasparks said...

what's a black pepper can?

paige said...

like, the can that the black pepper comes in. it's kind of rectangular.

like this: