easter happy fun time huzzah.

we went down to ole m.p. for easter to visit with my parents and steal stuff from my grandma.  i mean, aid her in downsizing.  my rewards for two 3-hour car trips with the kids, nap-less days (for the kids - and naptime-less days for me), and packing and unpacking and all the little details that go into traveling?

..a quilt top from my grandma
..homemade feather pillows made out of ticking
..a bookshelf made by my dad
..a very homely but utilitarian dresser for our growing storage needs
..delicious meals cooked up by my mom and stepdoug opportunity to prove that the vcr in the vidi-van works
..getting to sit with my daughter in church rather than having to put her in nursery
..a chance to talk to my sister about her AWESOME life
..atticus now knowing how to climb out of his crib, thanks to his time in the pack 'n play
..some seriously tasty mexican coke and rice crackers, all corn- and gluten-free!

also, i must say that my kids looked, um, well, AMAZING on easter.  thursday while packing, i realized i had not bought easter outfits for either kid, and i was especially sad about missing out on all the frills for penelope.  so i went to the closet to find some makeshift something-or-other when i stumbled upon an antique baptism dress i bought for her when i was pregnant.  it was like five bucks at the antique mall, and it was beautiful white cotten with cute little peasant sleeves and hand embroidery and a ruffly, stand-up collar....PERFECT!!!! i put it on her and it fit perfectly; it was seriously like the easter miracle (other than, you know, jesus raising from the dead and conquering sin and stuff).

i would post pictures but 1) i HATE posting pictures (getting them off my camera seems like punishment for something), and 2) she will be wearing the exact same outfit to her baby dedication soon, so i don't want to spoil the surprise.  but no worries - she'll be dedicated on the 8th at the 11:00 (for those of you cornerstoners), and after that i promise to post pictures.  or at least, i promise to consider posting pictures.

also? TOMORROW IS MY BABY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!  also? i haven't bought her a present or planned her party yet.  whoops.  she kind of got a stinker of a mom when it comes to birthdays.

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