tweeting is the new bumper sticker.

i realized the other day that bumper stickers are the twitter of the previous generation.  most of the time when i see people's tweets they fall into one of two categories: 'who the crap cares?' and 'i feel uncomfortable that i know this about you now.'  and the same seems to be true of bumper stickers: either they convey something useless and/or ridiculous (racing: because football only requires one ball) or really personal (i love my greyhound more than i probably should).

so all that to say, i propose a little less interpersonal communication amongst strangers.  not to say that your mom wouldn't be giddy to know that you like to shave your pits while watching bristol palin attempt to rumba; just, from a stranger's perspective, please keep it in the family.  maybe send a detailed email or quick informative text.  just don't put it on twitter or plaster it on your car.  that's all i'm saying.

so. now.  any strangers want to hear me spill about the latest stuff at our house?

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