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i just realized the other day that penelope kind of looks like an alien.  not in a mean way, but you know what i mean - most aliens in the movies have disproportionately large heads and eyes, with small mouths and long skinny bodies.  and no hair.  so basically, a giant green baby from another planet.  i admit, the concept is pretty freaky.

not to mention the fact that the especially startling scenes from 'signs' would be even scarier if a real baby was cast to do them.  like a baby coming out of the corn? talk about having a heart attack.  or a baby walking around on the roof?  hello, that's really scary.  if only for safety reasons.

but then i got to thinking - if i had kids when they were doing the casting for 'signs,' i totally would've been that mom and tried to get my kid hired.  because seriously - i'd ahem, she'd make a ton of money, be famous, and get to meet a member of the culkin family all during a single film.  which is awesome, because my bucket list looks like this:

living vicariously through penelope, i could easily take care of a good majority of the things i want to do before i die, with the single exception of learning how to double-dutch, which sounds do-able once i can be single-minded about it.

also, once she grows up and looks a little, but only a little, less like an alien, i could pass her off as a long-lost olsen girl and ride a second wave of fame and moolah.  and also knock out my last remaining to-do:

do you have a bucket list?

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tori said...

You.are.hilarious. I am laughing out loud. I refuse to use the moronic LOL. My bucket list includes learning how to do really cool fighting moves like Trinity in the MATRIX. You know the flipping around kind where they stay suspended in the air for a super long time. They also do them in CHARLIE's ANGELS, but only Lucy Lu looks cool in that one.