totally and completely random

first, has anyone ever pushed the handicapped button next to the word verification for posting comments? i swear that's what it sounds like to be schizophrenic.  it's like a punishment for being handicapped or something.  i don't even know what purpose it's supposed to serve, other than totally freaking you out and making you think aliens are coming for you.

also, the tabs i currently have open on my browsing window are as follows:  a health article about the hygeine benefits of a bidet, a video tutorial on making your own mayo, a friend's blog, and an hgtv kitchen redo by genevieve gorder.  i would say that sums up probably 95% of my time on the internet.

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tori said...

I did it and laughed all the way through it. I thought something was going to burst out of my computer at any moment and suck me in. I'm going to do it again when I post this comment, so if I don't show up to teach on Thursday, you'll know what to tell the investigators.