our current enemy: the wet cough

the v.v.'s have been taken down by The Crud.  actually, it seems to have skipped over todd...or the kids and i are just now catching it from that time in november when todd had it.  hopefully it hasn't been incubating in our house that long, but who knows?

in addition to the hated wet cough, we've got fevers, nausea, weakness, fatigue...we're basically barely-living illustrations of cymbalta side effects.

and all this is complicated by the fact that penelope is now mobile.  she is not quick, but she is definitely mobile.  so while all i can do is lay on the couch and groan about how i'm about ready to cross over, penelope is getting herself stuck under the couch or getting stranded on the linoleum, which is not so inchworm friendly.  in addition, atticus has discovered the joy of toppling her while she's sitting, so she's spent quite a bit of time lately being offended at all that life has to offer her.

atticus has been running a fever, although he's been acting mostly fine during waking hours.  naps and nighttime are an entirely different story - every hour or so he wakes up SHRIEKING, probably from the fever or the fact that he can't breathe through his nose, and he can't suck on his paci while breathing through his mouth.  so two nights in a row we've had to get him up in the middle of the night for a cool bath and to sleep in our bed, which has been interesting to say the least.   the first night, he was so confused that he wouldn't sleep, so after a half an hour of him playing with my hair and kicking me in the back, he was back in his own bed.  the second night went a little better, with him merely encroaching on about 95% of my personal sleeping space and getting the sheets all hot.  but then at 4:30a he woke up and was understandably confused, so when he started playing with my nostrils, it was again time for the kaibosh on the whole thing and he again ended up in his own bed.  last night went much better, and he slept soundly in his own bed all night.

needless to say, i'm not exactly sure when the last time was that i showered, or cleaned my bathroom, and i DO know exactly what season of friends is on syndication on multiple channels right now.  because i'm an unhygienic lump of a person.  with a wet cough.  who has lived on coffee heath bar crunch ice cream and green tea for the last 5 days straight.   wow, being sick really brings out the best in me.

actually, todd did say that he wishes i was sick more often because we ate mcdonalds two nights in a row.  but then we ate chili two nights in a row after that and i think he may have started to rethink that wish.

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whenjeskasparks said...

i love you.
i love you and your family.

you're my best friend. i love that :)

i'll pray ya'll get better. that wet crap is no good. :/