penelope at nine months

penelope is now nine (and a half, but who's counting?) months old and deserves a little update as a reward for her stellar performance at this age.

personal stats:

weighs in at:  14 lb, 15oz; 1st percentile
towers over other babies (and some cats) at: 27.5 inches; 32nd percentile
can dominate her opponents with: three teeth and the promise of one more

she has recently become mobile and is perfectly content to continue 'scooting' everywhere - meaning, it's not really a crawl so much as a bumpy kind of slither that's happening.  and she's figured out that slithering not only gets you closer to objects, but you can do it just for fun, so she likes to scoot laps around the kitchen table. which means i have to be extra diligent about sweeping the kitchen floor when atticus is done eating.  she also likes to dry-swim her way over to the dishwasher so she can talk to her reflection in the door.

she dropped her third nap three or four weeks ago and is now napping once in the morning (9:30-11) and once in the afternoon (1-3:30).  we put both kids to bed at 7:30 and she typically wakes up around 7:15.

she's still mainly formula fed; i don't really push baby foods at all so we really haven't done much with that, but she eats chunks of bananas, cooked carrots, avocados, etc. by herself, and can feed herself crackers, etc.  she even may have figured out how to use a sippy cup the other night, but we're not sure.  on the occasions that i do feed her from a spoon, it's frequently just mashed up or soft stuff the rest of us are already eating: plain yogurt, applesauce, guacamole, etc.  this way, too, we discovered that she loves el azteca's refried beans.  but who can blame her?

when she gets tired or upset, she likes to rub and pull on her left ear.  if she gets really tired or upset, she pulls on both ears.  when i lay her down to sleep, the first thing she does is to rub the fuzzy side of her blanket all over her face. her favorite things to chew on are matchbox cars (safe, i know) and baby spoons.  she has massive separation anxiety right now, so church nursery is hard for her.

so is finding clothing that fits.  she is six or nine months long and three months around, so her clothes are always either too short or falling off her butt.  but she's my daughter, so that's kind of to be expected, i guess.

and finally, EVERYTHING atticus does is hilarious in her book.  she loves to watch him, and he likes playing with her (for the most part), and our biggest problem is usually that he's hugging her entirely too tight or that he's laying on top of her and smothering her.  he likes that she can crawl now because he can pretend that she's playing sister murph.  (murph = cat at our house.)

so that's that!  she's growing growing, albeit slowly, and i'm SHOCKED that we're mere months away from her turning one.  crazy.


Saved by grace said...

She is an adorable little peanut!!!

apotratz said...

I'm curious how pulling on ears is soothing for a baby, but if it works then that's great! She's so cute!